Sunday, June 3, 2012

Alaska Oil| A note to the Anchorage School Board ...

... an excellent suggestion from "AK Syrin" ... "Every Alaskan teacher should consider this option for the students of Alaska --"  At the link, Petroleum News makes the following offer:  
Petroleum News firmly believes in energy education.
That's why, through our Energy Education Program, we give all elementary and secondary students and teachers across the globe completely free full site access to Eligible parties can read the weekly newspaper covering North America, search our 7000+ archived articles, and read our special publications. 
It's our contribution to education, and we're happy to make it. 
How can you help? We need everyone's help to spread the word that full access to Petroleum News is available to educators and their students. Further, if your organization has an energy education program of its own, ask your webmaster to post a link to this page anywhere its deemed appropriate. 
Elementary and secondary students and teachers CLICK HERE to email us and learn how you and your students/teachers can log in, receiving full access. If you email us from a school or educational email address it will speed up the process.
Revenues from oil are responsible for 90% of Alaska state government general fund revenue and just under a third of Alaska jobs.  There is no better place to learn about events affecting Alaska oil -- and thus, Alaska's future -- than Petroleum News.