Thursday, January 17, 2013

On the Tom Anderson Show This (Wednesday, Jan. 17) Afternoon

I will be joining Tom Anderson this afternoon on the Tom Anderson Show, from 4 - 5pm, to talk about Alaska oil, gas & fiscal policy.  Its been a busy couple of weeks since the start of the year --
-- the University of Alaska-Anchorage's Institute of Social and Economic Research released an updated analysis of Alaska's fiscal policy, warning that "[r]ight now, the state [of Alaska] is on a path it can’t sustain ... [with] a severe fiscal crunch soon after 2023,“
-- the Legislature's Legislative Finance Division published its analysis of the Governor's proposed FY 2014 budget, concluding that "the legislature now faces a FY13 deficit of $410 million," and that FY 2013 oil production will likely end "below FY12 levels by more than 8%," and
-- earlier this week, the Governor filed his proposed oil tax reform bill which, while projecting significantly increased revenues in later years, projects a first year loss in revenue in the range of $900 MM.
I will attempt to put these developments in perspective and talk about what it means for Alaska -- and Alaskans.

The Tom Anderson Show is on the air in Anchorage at Fox News Talk KOAN 95.5 FM/1020 AM, and available on the web here.  Call in with your questions and comments to 907 522-1020.