Thursday, July 18, 2013

Guest hosting the Dave Stieren Show tomorrow (Friday) ...

While Dave takes the family camping, I will be sitting in as guest host on The Dave Stieren Show tomorrow (Friday).

Topics so far are Tom Kizzia's new book on Papa Pilgrim, Pilgrim's Wilderness (Tom will be on), UAA's search for a new Athletic Director, what the upcoming battle over SB 21 should be about and why that is a bad issue for Governor Parnell, Sen. Lesil McGuire and Mayor Dan Sullivan, a little bit about Maine political history (and why Alaska should care), the latest way in which North Dakota -- North Dakota!! -- has surpassed Alaska, perhaps most importantly the latest on the upcoming Anchorage music season (Mike McCormick from Whistling Swan Productions will be joining in the last hour) ... and other things that may come to mind as we near the broadcast.

Prereads will be available Friday on these pages, at "Thoughts on Alaska Oil & Gas" on Facebook and maybe at the Show's FB page, if Silent Will agrees to post them.

Tune in at AM 750/FM 103.7 KFQD locally, or on the web here. Call in locally at 522-0750, or outside of Anchorage dial 1-888-909-0750.