Saturday, October 19, 2013

Understanding LNG: The Global and Alaska Context

Full slide deck available here.
At the invitation of the Alaska Support Industry Alliance I was asked to provide an introduction at the group's annual, and very well attended, Fairbanks Industry Update Forum yesterday on current LNG issues.

Other speakers focused on the specifics of two of the projects currently on the table:  the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC) ASAP project, and the producers' Alaska South Central LNG (SCLNG) Project.  My assignment was to provide an introduction outlining the global context for the projects and the issues, including the fiscal impacts, that I think Alaskans should focus on as we begin to hear more about the projects and the state is asked to take supportive steps.

My slide deck is available here.  I anticipate that the slide decks used for the other presentations will be available the middle of next week on the Alliance website.  The Forum provided an outstanding update on a wide range of important industry issues.  My suggestion would be to check out all of the presentations when they become available.