Friday, November 1, 2013

My turn on the Casey Reynolds Show ...

Earlier today I noted that I would be sitting down with Casey Reynolds on his talk radio show to respond to the issues raised yesterday during his interview with others.  See "The subtext of this story (income taxes, dividend cuts … or not) …."

I was there for an hour and answered every question he had (what I understand is sometimes called a "Talk 'Till You Drop" press event).  For those that missed the discussion and are interested in my view on the issues raised this week, attached are the links to the podcast.
Hour 1:  Segment begins at minute 23:50 and runs to the end.
Hour 2:  Segment begins at the start and runs to minute 22:00.
And with that, I am calling it a week and heading to this weekend's sessions of my "Best college course, lifetime ...."