Monday, December 9, 2013

Guest hosting The Dave Stieren Show Wednesday and Thursday ...

I will be sitting in as guest host on KFQD's The Dave Stieren Show Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  The Show airs in the afternoon from 2 - 5pm (Anchorage) and is available locally at AM 750 and FM 103.7, and on the internet here.

For those of you that don't keep these things in your head, Thursday noon Governor Parnell will be releasing his proposed FY 2015 budget.

As you might anticipate, we will be talking about it some on the Show both days. On Wednesday we will provide some background helpful to understanding the budget, look at the state's recent fiscal forecast and Rep. Charisse Millett will join to talk about HB 136, her bill introduced last session to require the information necessary to develop a sustainable budget for the state.

On Thursday following the announcement of the budget, former Director of UAA's Institute of Social and Economic Research and Economics Professor Emeritus Dr. Scott Goldsmith will be joining me early in the program to discuss the Governor's proposal, as will current Anchorage Education Association President Andy Holleman later in the afternoon.

But the budget won't be all we talk about.  Senator Cathy Giessel will be joining us early in the program Wednesday to talk about the two day meeting early this week of the Alaska Arctic Policy Commission, Jason Hodges, the Executive Director of the Anchorage Concert Association will be joining us also on Thursday to talk about Cirque Dreams Holidaze, the show the ACA is bringing to Anchorage over Christmas break, and some of the programs we will be seeing after the first of the year and we are continuing to work on arranging one or two other guests to join us along the way.

I honestly can't imagine how Dave does this five days a week, week in and week out; it taxes me just to gear up for two days.  But I enjoy the occasional opportunity and am looking forward to the discussions.