Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Discussing the Flint Hills closure on The Dave Stieren Show this afternoon ...

Dave Stieren has asked me to join him on his show at 2:30p this afternoon to discuss Flint Hill's announcement yesterday of the anticipated closure of its North Pole (Alaska) refinery.  The Dave Stieren Show is available locally at KFQD FM103.7/AM750 and online here.

Like TAPS, oil production, the military and a few other things, the Flint Hills refinery is one of the linchpins of the Alaska economy.  In various ways, the refinery has an economic reach far beyond its borders.  Its exports of jet fuel to Anchorage's Ted Stevens International Airport, for example, are critical to the economic health of the Alaska Railroad.  It is the fourth largest property taxpayer in the Fairbanks North Star Borough -- a key component in the financial support behind the Borough's government operations and schools.  Its supply of jet fuel to Eielson AFB is a key component of the base's operations.  The 125 jobs the refinery provides are among the best paying in the area and help support both the local real estate market and a number of local small businesses.  Its operations have the effect of reheating the oil reintroduced into TAPS, which is an increasingly important part of TAPS operations.

In short, the loss of the refinery and its economic contributions to the Interior and the state are going to have a significant and wide ranging impact.  Tune in this afternoon at 2:30p to hear Dave and I discuss.