Friday, August 29, 2014

Responses to the questionnaire (supplemented also to reflect those not responding) ...

We requested responses to the candidate questionnaire forwarded last week (and slightly revised earlier this week) by Wednesday.  Out of 80-ish sent (those candidates which posted email addresses with the Division of Elections, and in one case a write in candidate who requested a questionnaire) we received 29 responses. The responses are collected in a folder here.

Readers may conclude there are some surprises among those who took the time to respond and some notable exceptions among those who didn't.  In four races -- House 15, 19, 28 and 36 -- both major candidates responded.  In the others, only one (or in the case of House 22, two) candidate(s) responded.  Eight incumbents responded, four Republicans and four Democrats.  The remaining 21 are challengers.

A list of those contacted and an indication of whether they responded is available here.

With this as background, we are going to do some polling next week and then make decisions on next steps.