Saturday, November 8, 2014

The next steps ...

As some readers are aware I have been running a radio spot this week in support of Alaskans for Sustainable Budgets (AK4SB).  The spot started the Wednesday following the election and will continue through Monday.

This is the first of what I anticipate will be a series of spots which will run periodically in the weeks leading up to and during the legislative session in coordination with with a series of commentaries and other presentations at

With the state facing a historic revenue shortfall and budget deficits, it's time for Alaskans to become more knowledgeable and involved in the state's fiscal situation.  The purpose of the radio spots, commentaries and website will be to help educate Alaskans about the situation and to provide them with ways to become involved in bringing about change.

The effort largely will be centralized through the AK4SB website.  I encourage readers to follow along there if interested.

The audio of this week's radio spot is here.  The script follows:
Hi, I’m Brad Keithley. Like you, I’m glad the election is over. 
Now, it’s time to put Alaska’s fiscal house in order. 
During the campaign, the state’s fiscal condition didn’t stay still -- it got worse. The price of oil dropped dramatically. This year’s state budget spends about $6 billion, but at current oil prices, revenues will total only about 3 billion. That’s a deep hole. 
Getting out of that hole means making tough choices, and, we know, our leaders can’t do it alone. They’ll need the support of people like us, people who believe in a simple, common sense principle – that Alaska must live within its means. 
A couple of years ago I founded Alaskans for Sustainable Budgets so Alaskans could work together to help fix the budget. 
I pledge to work with the leaders we just elected – both those I supported and those I didn’t – as they address the state’s fiscal gap, and I’m asking for your help. 
Join us at to help put Alaska on the right track and to urge legislators to support sustainable budgets. We need to fix this. Working together we can.