Saturday, September 17, 2016

Well here's a first, a theater recommendation from Alaskans for Sustainable Budgets ...

We don't often do -- well, in fact never have done -- theater recommendations on these pages but we are making an exception in the case of Dick Reichman's "The Ticket," currently on a run at Cyrano's Theatre Company in Anchorage.

Reichman's script, based largely on the writings and speeches of the two contenders along with his own observations through the years and interviews of some of those who knew them best, uses the artifice of "an imaginary meeting between political enemies Jay Hammond and Wally Hickel leading up to the 1990 gubernatorial election," to set the stage for an extended discussion about the two significantly different philosophies of government that defined in their day -- and still does to a large extent -- Alaska's political debate.

Of course, we found most interesting the portions that focused on the Permanent Fund and oil, but Reichman also explores their disagreement about the environment, Hickel's passion for ending poverty, and, ultimately, growing old.

For those interested in better understanding the views behind the political battles that continue today -- and some surprising insights into what motivates each -- this is as close to a "must see" as there likely is.

Appearing at Cyrano's Thursday's through Sunday's, through October 9.