Wednesday, December 21, 2016

This morning's discussion with Paul Jenkins ...

This morning I joined Paul Jenkins on air for a bit to discuss the Alaska budget.  Paul is the editor of the on-line newspaper Anchorage Daily Planet and is sitting in this week as the guest host of the Rick Rydell Show.  Paul is someone I have joined on air a number of times over the years when asked.

Paul and I started with my take of the Governor's proposed budget and went from there.  My point, as it has been consistently, is that the Governor and his proposed budget are focusing only on the government economy and, in the process, hurting the private and more importantly, overall Alaska economy.

The discussion provides a good overview of the problems I see with the Governor's approach, and what I view as the better way forward.  Those interested can listen in by clicking on "start" icon below, or by going to the link here:

The conversation starts at 52:10 into the segment.