Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fiscal Policy| Hell has frozen over ...

Hell froze over yesterday.  Former Wyoming Republican Senator Alan K. Simpson, as partisan as they have ever come, endorsed Democrat Bob Kerrey in the U.S. Senate race in Nebraska.  Why?  Fiscal Policy. 

According to Simpson, "[Kerrey] will place the national interest ahead of the howling special interests and be ready to make the hard, tough choices so needed today to rein in the destructive national debt and deficit ... and do it now - Before it’s too late.”

The equivalent Alaska race this year -- Lupe Marroquin, a Democrat, running against special interest backed Republican Bob Lynn.  A creature of union donations, in his last term Lynn voted for the two biggest state budgets in Alaska's history and last year, sponsored a bill that would have made Alaska's fiscal situation even worse, by returning to the same sort of defined benefit plan that already has put Alaska deep into debt.  (Largely as a result of the underfunded status of its current public pension system, Alaska currently leads the nation in per capita debt.)

As Ted Stevens once said, "To Hell with politics, do what is best for Alaska."  Alan Simpson took that philosophy to a national scale by endorsing Bob Kerrey; its time for Alaska to live up to the mantra on its own by voting Lupe Marroquin for State House.