Monday, June 17, 2013

Alaska Politics| Ya gotta chuckle ...

Some have speculated that my recent decision to step away from my law firm is to prepare to run for office.  While that may or may not be a future thought, that wasn't the reason.  As I wrote at the time, the real reason was that I had reached a point in my life financially and otherwise that I can do what I want to do, take the projects I want to take and stop creating issues for others by expressing my opinions.  For those of you who have had similar careers, a side benefit is that I can stop worrying about time sheets!!

The politics of the move appear to have started a little earlier than I had anticipated.  I was forwarded this morning an email that had been sent to at least one person in the Anchorage media.  The note reads as follows (with names removed):
From: Heidi Bohi
Sent: Sat 6/15/2013 11:19 PM
Subject: Story idea.

Next time you have Bradford Keithley on your show, why don't you ask him why he got fired from Perkins Coie?
I spent the next hour laughing.  As the Anchorage Daily News and others have recently reported, candidates are announcing for the coming (2014) election cycle far earlier than in previous years.  I didn't stop to think, however, that also started an open season on attempting to intimidate potential, but currently non-candidates.  Oh well.  For the record, the spin is wrong; in fact, my firm and I parted ways on an exceptionally good basis.  I have already referred potential legal clients to them and they have done the same with potential consulting clients.

And with that, I am going back to writing my next piece for the Alaska Business Monthly on Alaska's current fiscal situation ... and planning my summer music festival tour, something before that always was slowed down by the need to finish those time sheets.