Friday, June 28, 2013

Bluegrass, UAA and Fiscal Policy ...

Last week, on the day of Summer Solstice when everyone else, including the man whose show it is, was out -- or on their way to -- their celebration of Alaska summer, I was indoors, guest hosting The Dave Stieren Show on AM 750 KFQD.

I gained a new appreciation for how difficult these things are.  If asked, I would guess my friends would say that it wouldn't be difficult for me to talk for three hours, and that may be true.  But talking for three hours about things that interest others (in the case of talk radio, a lot of others) is altogether different.

So, I spent most of the prior week thinking about who might join me to help keep things interesting, and was honored when my first choices agreed.  One guest joined me each hour, at roughly the 10:00 mark and stayed until roughly the 30:00 mark.  I am appreciative of each for also spending part of their Solstice indoors.

In the event anyone is interested -- and also to serve as a placeholder for me -- I have put links to the podcast of each of the hours below, the guest that joined me and the subject.  You can listen to the hour by clicking on the link, and then once you are at the page clicking on "listen."  I open and close each hour with some comments of my own.

Hour 1:
   Guest:  Jason Hodges, Executive Director, Anchorage Concert Association
   Subject:  The Anchorage Music & Performing Arts scene

Hour 2:
   Guest:  Mark Filipenko, President, UAA Hockey Alumni Association
   Subject:  UAA Athletics, Where Do We Go From Here

Hour 3:
   Guest:  Rep. Mia Costello, Chair, House Finance Subcommittee on Fiscal Policy
   Subject:  Alaska Fiscal Policy ("Alaska's budget is unsustainable")