Monday, January 27, 2014

#AKbudget Tonight's Statewide Teleconference: "Alaska's Fiscal Cliff"

Click here for the presentation.
Last year a group of Alaskans interested in learning more about various issues founded a group simply known as "The State Wide Teleconference."  The stated purpose of the group is "to facilitate a conversation among grassroots Alaskans" on topical issues.

This evening its my turn in the barrel to discuss "Alaska's Fiscal Cliff."  The timeliness of the discussion is self-evident.  From the President of the Senate and the Speaker on down, the state budget consistently is listed as one of the most important issues -- if not the most important -- the Legislature is confronting this session.

This presentation will provide information on Alaska's current fiscal situation, where it is headed on its current course and what alternatives exist to change the outcome. It is intended to provide a useful primer on one of the most important debates the Legislature will take up this coming session.

This week's State Wide Teleconference occurs this evening, starting with a news recap at 7:50p Alaska; the presentation starts at 8:00p.  The dial in number is 559-726-1300, participant code 788167.