Saturday, July 19, 2014

Another conversation with Chris Story on #SB21 and Alaska oil policy ...

I'm beginning really to like Chris Story, the current host of KBYR 700AM's Morning Program, the News and Talk of Alaska.  I called the interview I did with Chris a couple of weeks ago "the best interview I have done on SB 21 and Alaska's fiscal future."  Yesterday's was its equal.  A podcast of the interview is available here.  The interview begins at 31:35 and continues through to 48:35.

What makes Story different is that he asks on topic open ended questions, provides the guest with the space to answer it without interrupting and then asks the next.  That enables the person being interviewed to answer the question fully.  On a potentially complex topic like oil taxes and fiscal policy, which requires laying a bit of groundwork for some of the answers, Chris's approach is both useful and important.

Yesterday's interview included questions like "who has surprised you the most about the position they have taken on Proposition 1" (answer:  Bill Walker); if SB 21 is retained, "how can Alaskans verify that SB 21 is working" (look for the announcement of investment in new fields); and "is Sarah Palin a potential game changer in the SB 21 debate" (no).

Click here to listen to the podcast (beginning at 31:35) if you are interested.