Monday, July 7, 2014

Hmmm ... potential topics for KBYR segment tomorrow morning

Am arriving back in Anchorage this afternoon after a fairly extensive travel schedule the past three months and will be hitting the ground running by joining Chris Story tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at the 8:15am segment on KBYR's Morning News and Comment.

I have been thinking about issues that need to be discussed that aren't being elsewhere due to the overhang of the U.S. Senate race.  While the Senate race is fun to talk about, the reality is that once its over all of the fun and national attention will move on to other things and Alaska will be back to facing up to its current problems itself.  Because the upcoming elections are Alaskans' one shot in the next four years to change the state's increasingly concerning downward spiral, we need to be discussing them now.

The top three thoughts so far:
  • Glen Biegel's incredibly weak (and inaccurate) defense of Reinbold's budget votes (Biegel: "Why does paying off previous legislatures false promises count against this legislature?" Answer: Because this legislature made the problem much, much worse than it was when they walked in the door. By enacting back-to-back the two largest deficits in Alaska's history (when they clearly could have stopped themselves from doing so), they sent Alaska's long-term "sustainable budget" level plummeting and didn't even try to hold things level. They became the problem, not (even part of) the solution. 
I am sure I will think of a few more things along the way.  July 4th has been celebrated; its now time to get serious about a few things.

Join in on the air at AM700 or online here.