Saturday, August 31, 2013

(Coming soon to this space) Morning in Alaska ...

During the debate on Alaska fiscal policy before the House Task Force on Sustainable Education Thursday afternoon, Andrew Halcro asked at one point "where do we see any sunrise on the horizon." His question came at the end of an exchange between he and Rep. Millett; for context, readers can pickup at minute 252:50 of the archived webcast.

My answer to the question ends at 258:00.

This weekend I am taking some time to work on a piece that discusses the sunrise that is Alaska's opportunity.  The title is taken from Reagan's timeless 1984 campaign ad, Morning in America.

There is an opportunity for a Morning in Alaska.  State policy has not reached for it -- and in fact, has moved Alaska away from it -- over the last several years, but the opportunity is there.  I will explain what it takes, and what it is, this coming week.

Note:  The piece ran in the Anchorage Daily News as a "Compass" piece on Sunday, September 8, 2013.  It is available online here.  The ADN gave it a different title when it ran.  I like "Morning in Alaska" better.