Friday, August 9, 2013

Short Takes| Shannyn Moore has left the building ...

Twitter is a an interesting medium.  Users are limited to messages of 140 characters or less, so it places an emphasis on short, pithy (neither of which I am very good at) messages.  But it is a good way to follow certain events.  I followed it closely during the last legislative session, for example, when various legislative beat reporters and others used the medium to keep readers informed of the points being made during various debates, hearings coming up, stories being published and other such events.

Recently, those supporting the repeal of SB 21 -- such as the "Alaska Democrats" and others -- have taken to the medium to hi-lite their spin on various events.  My guess is because the legislative beat reporters use the medium as well, those opposing SB 21 think of the medium as a good way of keeping their spin in front of the reporters.

Yesterday, for example, the "Alaska Democrats" used it to tout a press release they had issued during the day blaming the state budget deficits on "the Parnell/Treadwell Oil Giveaway."  That's wrong on the substance, of course.  SB 21 hasn't even taken effect yet, but the budget deficits have -- under ACES.  In fact, the deficits are the direct result of the record levels of spending started during the so-called "Bi Partisan Majority" era and, for reasons beyond me, that are continuing under the current legislature as well.  But that's a story for other times.

This blurb is about Shannyn Moore.  A few days ago she posted a question -- generally to the world I supposed -- I responded and we engaged in an exchange.  The string went like this:

Shannyn Moore ‏@shannynmoore2 Aug
gov race : Bill Walker/Bill Wielechowski - independent ticket?

Brad Keithley ‏@bgkeithley2 Aug
Parnell's dream, vote doesn't split : gov race : Bill Walker/Bill Wielechowski - independent ticket?

Shannyn Moore ‏@shannynmoore2 Aug
said a guy from Texas...

We are all from someplace, I was born in Illinois, but still, Parnell's dream : said a guy from Texas...

I have never solicited your opinion. I have good reasons.

[BGK Comment: Actually that part is wrong. A few years ago Shannyn's producer called to ask me to appear on her then-TV show to discuss a recent fact-finding trip I and others had made to Norway. I had watched the show before.  I declined the invitation.]

Hahaha, that's ok, I won't charge you for them : I have never solicited your opinion.

Shannyn Moore ‏@shannynmoore2 Aug
and I am from here. I am this place.

And Wielechowski from NJ, French from Mass and Hickel from Kansas. So? : and I am from here.

You are boring. Really boring.

So, ignore me then, like you do others : You are boring. Really boring.

The exchange ended there.

This morning as I was checking in on the latest posts I noticed that Shannyn appeared not to have posted anything recently on the subjects I follow -- Alaska oil, politics, fiscal issues -- which is unusual, so I went to her page to see if that was the case and found that I was no longer "following" her, so that her posts didn't appear in my feed. Thinking, as usual, that I had just clicked the wrong button here or there I clicked on "follow" to pick up her posts again.

That's when I learned what had happened.

"You have been blocked from following this account at the request of the user."  I suppose she took the "ignore me" suggestion a little more literally than I intended.

Oh well, I suppose she concluded I was beyond education ... or maybe it was that my responses were interfering with her storyline.  In any event, Shannyn has left the building; she will be missed ....