Monday, September 2, 2013

Guest hosting The Casey Reynolds Show tomorrow ... now, today (Tuesday)

My default answer when asked by a friend to do something is "yes."  Sometimes that works out great, sometimes not as well (a recent experience comes to mind), but its always my default answer.  I need to have a conflict or a clear reason before I say no.

So that was my answer over the weekend when Casey Reynolds asked if I would sub-in as host of his talk radio show tomorrow (well, maybe by the time some of you read this post, this) morning.

While it may not show on air, at least in my mind I am beginning to get the hang of how to deal with this.  I immediately turned to others to ask them to join me.

Continuing the discussion that began at the initial hearings of the House Task Force on Sustainable Education last week, Andy Holleman, the President of the Anchorage Education Association will join me in the first hour.  Continuing the discussion on that, but also broadening it to other issues, Rep. Charisse Millett will join me in the second hour.  And Rachael Petro, the President of the Alaska Chamber of Commerce and the voice behind the ads helping Alaskans understand that all of us are in the oil business will be joining me in the last hour.

I am working on a couple of additional segments now, but as usual when I sub in we also will have some updates on what is going on around town from a music perspective, and I want to talk a little bit about the best college course I ever took, why I am taking it again this semester and why some of you should consider doing the same thing. (9p update:  And I just learned that Willie Hensley, who teaches that course, will be able to join us at the 10:30a segment to talk about it.)

Join me from 8 - 11am, locally at KFQD 103.7 FM/750 AM, and on the web by clicking here.