Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My favorite line ...

Amanda Coyne wrote a column yesterday on her blog that had my name in the title:  "Keithley: Sticks and stones may break his bones. But politics? We’ll see."  She spelled it right, which is a plus.

The piece talks about the potential that I may run for Governor.  For the record, my position on that hasn't changed since the last time this issue came up.
What I said then is: 
"If the Governor doesn't bring the budget down to sustainable levels some fiscal conservative is going to do it. Because I talk about the issue often, I suppose my name has become associated with the potential. I don't want to do it and remain hopeful the Governor will offer a sustainable budget in December ... but there is a tradition of Virginia Law School trained lawyers doing that sort of thing. Angus King in Maine, and Lowell Weicker in Connecticut, both UVa Law graduates, ran as independents for Governor and won."
King and Weicker were two of the last three governors elected as Independents (King recently also was elected to the U.S. Senate as an Independent).  The third of that group was Jesse Ventura -- hmmmm, he wasn't a Virginia law graduate (hahaha).

But my favorite line in the most recent piece is absolutely accurate:  "He knows as much about college basketball and more about music than anyone who is running or has talked about running to date."  Former Governor Gary Johnson of New Mexico (and most recently, the Libertarian Party nominee for President of the United Statesonce said the most fun thing he was able to do as Governor was select the music for his inauguration party.  I have already thought through that; it will -- oops, I mean would -- be Alaska bluegrass night.