Monday, September 23, 2013

My morning email (the Republican version) ...

Those of you who follow these things will recall an instance a few weeks ago where I was first invited -- then disinvited after my named appeared in Amanda Coyne's blog -- to speak on current budget issues at an Anchorage Republican Women's Club event ("Short Takes| ... and then, I wasn't").

Hmmm ... I appear to be back in good graces (he said, tongue in cheek).  This morning I found a weekend email from Randy Ruedrich (the same guy, I am told, who had me taken off the speaker's list for the ARWC event) to "help get the word out" about a fundraiser tomorrow (Tuesday) evening for Governor Parnell.

Well, darn.  Unfortunately, I am already committed tomorrow evening to attend a fundraiser for two, real fiscal conservatives.  For those of you interested in doing the same, the details are here.

But, uh, here, let me "help get the word out" about the Governor's fundraiser.  Maybe he will give the same remarks there I was going to give at the ARWC forum -- you know, the ones about the budget being too high and threatening Alaska's future.  Or, maybe not.