Monday, September 16, 2013

My morning mail, continued ...

Friday I posted a small piece about something I had received in my morning email.  Today, I received another missive from the same person.

The story continues and as I pieced a couple of other things together, brought to mind also a segment from the West Wing.  For those readers that care, I repost the original piece below, followed by the continuation and the West Wing segment.

Friday, September 13, 2013  Sometimes my morning email brings humor.  This is one of those days.  A sample from this morning's:
Meant to tell you, I was recently at a meeting that included several Alaskan republican leaders. It was rumored that you were considering running for governor. When I heard their reactions, I was actually embarrassed for you. 
Of course democrat friends in JNU and on the hill hope you run, as there's not a chance in hell you can win, but you will help push the vote in their favor. Best part? Several of those I mention above are people you told me were good friends and who you respect immensely. You are the laughing stock of that town. So gratifying to watch. ... Heidi Bohi
The writer is someone who used to live in Alaska, but since has moved to Arizona (maybe she was meeting with Governor Palin there).  The last time I talked to her was about 3 years ago.  Some of those I respected then, maybe not so much now; that's the same period over which state spending has shot up about 50 percent.

The humor?  That "Alaskan republican leaders" are wasting their time talking about personalities.  (If you believe the writer, at least.)  My recommendation?  They spend their time instead talking about things that really matter, starting with ways to reduce the upcoming budget.  Otherwise ... they won't be leaders for much longer.

Monday, September 16, 2013  This was in this morning's email:
Not that anyone reads it ...but please do not mention my name in your blog or any of your other public communications. ... Heidi Bohi
Since no one "reads it," there shouldn't be a problem posting that email here as well.  After reflecting on it this morning I recalled that the same person also authored an earlier email that circulated shortly after I started my consulting company, and apparently also more recently has been involved in setting up a disparaging website and circulating some additional related emails, which friends subsequently have forwarded to me.

The problem with the latter two is that they are the results of searching on an email address that isn't mine, but apparently was used by others and was "close enough" in the minds of some to attribute the results to me.  The website has not bothered me because those that know me have made fun of it; those that have fallen for the hoax have my sympathy.

All of this reminds me this morning of a segment (below) from the West Wing television series, centering around "Josh Lyman," the mythical Deputy Chief of Staff and the target in that episode of an internet website.  My favorite part comes toward the end of the segment, when "C. J. Cregg" is speaking to Josh.  "The people on these sites," C.J. lectures at Josh,  "they're the cast of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.  The [leader], that's Nurse Ratched."

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